Do you need to crop multiple images to specific formats or dimensions?
LibSizer is the tool for you!

LibSizer is a simple and powerful tool that lets you crop your photos library to predefined dimensions in just a few clicks. Try it now for free and see how easy it is to resize your library!


  1. Choose your dimensions set in the setting modal.
  2. Load your photos in the Library sidebar with the dedicated filezone.
  3. Select one of your photo from your loaded photos.
  4. LibSizer will automatically group listed dimensions into similar ratios.
    (eg. Square, 4/3, 16/9, etc)
  5. Crop your image to your need, for each of the ratios.
  6. Use the Export bundle button in the toolbar to export the full package.
    A window will open and let you chose where to save the zip file.
  7. You can use the dedicated button to donwload specific dimensions or ratio bundle.


I'm currently building the tool as I go, and have a lot of work still needed. Adding new features isn't a goal for now, as I mainly try to get everything working from the start.

If you wish to submit a feature request, feel free to do so on the Github page, I'll try to keep this updated.

Issue reporting

LibSizer is my first big public project. I maintain it on my free time as a hobby and exercise, and chose not to include ads in the app.

If you find any bugs, translation issue or have ideas for improvements, please open an issue on the Github project page .
I'll try to find time, but nothing is guaranted ;)

Feel free to clone and submit pull requests if you do find ways to improve the tool !